“Best One Yet”

As a band, we try to approach every show as though it is the most important one we’ve played yet. Sometimes, it pays off. O’Leary’s, May the Fourth be with you.

KK olearys

We didn’t sleep in Brooklyn.

We are very excited for a future creative project that is emerging from our time spent in Brooklyn, in advance of a show at Sunnyvale with Just Blush and a DIRTY two-piece called Hellz Kitchen.

Jason Jadick and Dane Mainella hold the key.

And we had a leopard mascot. Jaguar?


KK sunnyv


KK sunnyvale

O’Leary’s – we’ll be back.

O’Leary’s in downtown Scranton is a great pub. Good drafts, good people, killer stage and sound setup.

We finally shared a show with The Boneflowers – our brother Angelo is doing great things. We’ll be having some more shows with The Boneflowers come summer.


Hometown Rock at The Blogg

A snow storm threatened to make the night treacherous, but a ton of people packed this tiny bar in Tunkhannock to rock the fuck out.

Masterful Grant Williams, backed by Chris Langan, and soulful Just Blush helped us pack the house and celebrate Festivus in style.

kk blogg

Our first show – Lyrics 7/15/16

Our friends and musical soulmates Just Blush provided us a grand entrance into the valley scene last Friday. We somehow managed to get the soundboard running without electrocuting ourselves, and moreso, it’s possible we had good sound.

Excellent, excellent start to this chapter.